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sar_7nnThe World Clock   –   global wind map

Emergency Information   —   Earthquakes Map

Global Seismic Monitor   —   Earthquakes USGS   —   TSUNAMI WARNINGS

Tropical Cyclones     Cyclone and Hurricane Tracker   —   Unisys Weather – Satellite

nhc.noaa   —   —   Intellicast – Weather Active Map     

“UFO sightings.. as they are reported”

The Matrix & The Sanskrit Texts : How To Exit The Matrix      

“Through the lower frequencies of our anger, fear, and addictions, the darkside astral parasites have attached themselves to us. This is one reason why all spiritual paths emphasize purity of mind and body. Purity simply reduces the ability of the lower realms to connect with you and become attached to you. They cannot locate frequencies they do not resonate with.

Know that the Laws of Magnetism dictate that like attracts like – and that location is in fact a function of consciousness. Purity through wisdom Knowledge and a focused consciousness will keep any unwanted influences out of the field of the subtle etheric body. Everything you are addicted to has the potential to attach you to a level of these entities. EVERYTHING!”



“Practical Ways To Raise Your Vibrations”

Green Tree Medic – Healthy Living Guidance

“Magnetic Fields of the Human Body” YouTube

“Vibration Energy of Words and Thought”

“Every thought, every word has a vibration and is conscious energy.  Every creation began with a thought. Unhealthy thought patterns and limiting beliefs have an adverse affect on our emotional, mental, and physical health.  Being mindful of our thoughts and the words we choose to use, we can consciously change the way we think and what we create. 

All energy has conscious intent. Thoughts, words, and emotion are an expression of energy.  Words can evoke emotions and these emotions magnify the energy of the thought or word either positively (high vibration) or negatively (low vibration)…

Understanding how we shape our world enables us to make the decision to live in healthier vibrations.  We can change our thought patterns and clear our restrictive beliefs, feel healthy, vibrant, safe and secure.  We attract the positive things we want and are able to see the beauty in life.”